10+ design awards

Including Red Dot and iF, bachelor and master university degree cum laude.

design & engineering

Experience with all stages of product development: from concept ideation and design research to engineering parts optimised for injection molding. Special interest in softgoods, woodworking and rapid prototyping methods.

8 years of experience

Experience at large companies such a Philips, independent design companies and in-house design for Joolz baby strollers


About me

“As a child I had two dreams: to become a circus artist or a designer. I have tried both and I love what I am doing today…”

My name is Michel Holper, I am from Luxemburg, but grew up in the Netherlands.  After high school I followed my dream to become a professional circus artist and joined CIRCOMEDIA in Bristol. After a severe injury (from which I fully recovered) I decided it was probably better to pursue my other dream and I attended the University of Delft to become an industrial designer…

So this is michel 2.0:  I am passionate about making things with my hands and ridiculously curious to learn about people and to teach myself new skills every day. From the moment I finetune my first espresso in the morning to working on my industrial sewing machine in the office or on my bandsaw in my workshop at home; my life is about making meaningful products for people and getting inspired by people.

I also enjoy photography because it allows me to look at the world differently and because people open up in front of my camera. My rangefinder requires practice and full immersion in the moment in order to capture the shot. It’s a little bit like mastering a musical instrument. My shots can be horrible, but when I get them right I enjoy the thought that I crafted every aspect of the photograph. Photography is a great way to meet interesting people, get inspired and of course also to showcase my design work.

Design approach

How I work

Meaningful products, with a twist

Products shape the way people see and interact with the world. I always seek to surprise people through clever design that solves construction or interaction challenges in a unique way.

High tech digital tools to enhance low tech manual work

I create parametric models in SolidWorks to make digital sewing patterns for prototyping.  Rhino Grasshopper can create folding lines for origami and topology optimisation can inspire me to look at a shape differently.

Prototype as early as possible

I try to create products that look beautiful but also work in a beautiful way. That is why I always prototype as soon as possible, prototypes allow me to observe how a product is used and facilitates conversations with all people involved in a project.

Energized by team work

I enjoy working in a team and getting inspired by others. I often facilitate discussions about design problems I am facing in order to get fresh input. I am always happy when people challenge my work because it allows me to be critical about what I deliver.

what other’s say about my work


Michel is a driven and talented designer. Like no other he combines creativeness with structure. He is able to create compelling designs in a structured way that will get the job done.

Jasper Brands
Creative Director at Panton

Michel is a remarkable designer and versatile creative mind. His interests (and thus influences) easily extend beyond traditional design and into the fields of photography, typography or even the art of origami.

Tal Benisty
Lead product design at Collective Health

Michel has an unique combination of engineering and aesthetic skills in hardware and textiles.

Kitty de Groot
Head of product development at Joolz
design awards &


  • 2018 Joolz Geo 2 wins German Design Award for Excellent Product Design in baby & child care category
  • 2017 Joolz Day 2 wins best in category Consumentenbond
  • 2014 Red Dot Design Award for AngelCare 1200 Baby Monitor
  • 2014 iF Design Award for AngelCare 1200 Baby Monitor
  • 2014 Good Design Award for AngelCare 1200 Baby Monitor
  • 2011 250.000 euro grant for developing my respiratory mask
  • 2010 Master’s Degree with Distinction
  • 2010 Nomination Best Graduate of the Year TU Delft
  • 2009 Nominated for Honeywell Thermostat Design competition
  • 2009 Philips Green Garment Care concept competition (in faculty)
  • 2009 Third prize: Delft Business Gift competition
  • 2008 Bachelor Degree with distinction
  • 2008 UfD Imtech Grant for excellent Bachelor Final Report – design of a children’s respiratory mask
  • 2004 Propaedeutic degree with distinction